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Sports Related Injuries, Treatment and Prevention

In sports, the challenge is to maximize the benefits of participation and to limit injuries.

Sports dentistry has a major role to play in this area. Prevention and adequate preparation are the key elements in minimizing injuries that occur in sports. For sports dentistry the prevention of oral/ facial trauma during sporting activities can be helped by many facets. Included are teaching proper skills such as tackling technique, purchase and maintenance of appropriate equipment, safe playing areas and certainly the wearing and utilization of properly fitted protective equipment, i.e. mouthguards.

Treatment of oral/facial injuries, simple or complex, is to include not only treatment of injuries at the dental office, but also treatment at the site of injuries, such as a basketball court or football or rugby field, where the dentist may not have the convenience of all the diagnostic tools available at their office. Knowledge and ability to do “on site” differential diagnosis is essential, without the use of radiographs and dental operatories, to determine the future treatment and prognosis of the injury.

James A. Morgan, D.D.S. is the team dentist for Brigham Young University’s athletic department. He has been treating athletes from BYU and local high schools for over 20 years. In his 20 plus years he has seen oral facial injuries ranging from small lacerations to avulsed (knocked out) teeth. The single most important measure an athlete can take to prevent such injuries is to wear a properly fitted custom made mouthguard.

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